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Hello, welcome to my site,My name is Colin Flaherty, I am a fourth generation medium all from my mothers side of the family. I was born on the 27Th  January 1962.I have grown up with the philosophy of spiritualism embedded deep within me from an early age. I have lived for periods in Wheeling, west Virginia,USA. Assisting my parents in the running of a Spiritualist church. I have travelled extensively across Australia, New Zealand and the USA, Demonstrating and teaching, both the philosophy of the spirit as well as Mediumship and trance mediumship.I was taught and raised in the old school methods handed down from my great grand parents to my mother, who taught me also.I have no doubt that life after death is fact and that it can be proved beyond doubt by the means of receiving information and support from those who have  returned home to the real life, the life we actually refer to as death! We forget that life commenced in the spirit and was the first step , not this physical existence that we are experiencing here and now.My aim and purpose is to connect those two worlds together, to help where and when I can to bring words of comfort and support to those that need, by connecting with your loved ones that have passed and bring their words of encouragement to you to  support and comfort.We must learn to accept and understand that they are around us through out our lives trying to encourage and inspire us through our difficult times. I strive with integrity, sincerity and purpose to help and guide ,influenced and inspired by those in the spirit, to be truthful and to give of my best for those in need.  I am available for spiritual readings,Party and group bookings at your choice of venue,also Skype and phone readings.Please go to         payments and services page for readings and pricing information.Thank you for visiting my site, please browse. 

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